On this page you’ll find an excerpt of projects developed and managed by rot|h|ech.

Blog Projects

The mission of is to empower readers with the knowledge and resources needed to transform their homes into smart, efficient spaces. Therefore, you’ll find guides how to get started creating your smart home with Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant. Additionally, you’ll receive smart home use cases with implementation examples frequently.


Your Raspberry Pi Smart Home: Setting up your Smart Home with Home Assistant – Affordable and Manufacturer Independent

Dive into the world of smart living! This book is your comprehensive guide to creating your own Raspberry Pi Smart Home. Learn how to set up an intelligent home effortlessly with manufacturer-independent components and a modest budget. From selecting the hardware to seamlessly integrating voice control, Sonos audio, and push notifications – you’ll find everything you need for your customized Smart Home.

Your Smart Home Upgrade: Over 100 Ideas for Automation with Home Assistant – From Light and Climate Control to Security Optimization

This Smart Home Guide brings you one step closer to your dream home. Dive into over 100 innovative ideas for Home Assistant-based automation – from personalized lighting to optimizing security. Whether you’re a smart home novice or an experienced tech enthusiast, this book guides you through the process of enhancing and customizing your living space.

App Projects

Daily Notifier: Your Reminder

Our innovative iOS app simplifies your life by helping you keep track of your tasks and appointments. With customizable push notifications, our app is tailored to your specific needs. But that’s not all – our app eliminates the need for other apps like pill reminders, yoga reminders, or general reminder apps!

Dishnity: Social Cookbook App (discontinued)

On Dishnity you can post your favorite dishes and share them with friends.

Tiver: Swipe – Explore – Chat (discontinued)

Tiver is a dating platform, where you can meet people with a similar amount of likes.

Q-Helper: Neighbourly Help (discontinued)

Q-Helper displays local helpers and businesses which can deliver food or other goods to you, e.g. if you cannot leave your home because of quarantine.

Website Projects

projects rothech stadtkapelle vöhringen logo

Stadtkapelle Vöhringen e.V.

Stadtkapelle Vöhringen e.V. is a town band located in Vöhringen, Germany.

Uli-Wieland-Grundschule Vöhringen

Uli-Wieland-Grundschule Vöhringen is an elementary school located in Vöhringen, Germany.