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CMake Cross-Compiling Template

cmake cross-compile for dummies

Most of the C/C++ developers are running into it: The need to cross-compile your C/C++ code for multiple targets (e.g. ARM, x86, …). Anyhow, you may know that this might be very frustrating. Therefore, I want to explain you short and easy how to cross-compile your program e.g. for ARM with CMake, short: A CMake …

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Settings Page with Flutter

flutter settings page

Every app needs it: A settings page. This tutorial explains how to create a settings page with flutter easily by using the library cupertino_setting_control. Cupertino Setting Control supports multiple input methods (e.g. dropdown, textfield etc.) as well as multiple configuration options concerning look and feel (e.g. where the title shall be displayed) and style options …

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Cupertino Radio Buttons

cupertino radio buttons

In this article I want to explain you shorty, how you can achieve Cupertino Radio Buttons with Flutter. You can use these buttons to select one out of multiple options, e.g. to select a gender. Let’s explain it with an example: The next steps will explain you how to create a gender selection with cupertino …

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