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This website presents some of my projects and is used to share knowledge about topics such as software development, security and entrepreneurship.

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About Christoph Rothermel

My name is Christoph Rothermel, I’m a 30 year old tech blogger living and working in Ulm, Germany.

I wrote my first line of code when I was 12 years old: Together with a friend, I programmed autonomous soccer robots with C/C++ and won multiple first places in German robotics competitions, so called RoboCups, as well as two third places in world championships. From 2011 to 2016 I studied computer science at University of Ulm, Germany, with the focusses C/C++, project management as well as security.

Since 2012 I’m working within the automotive industry. Till today, I’ve worked in the following positions: Product Owner, Software Engineer, Quality Manager and Manager. Since 2018 I’m developing apps for iOS and Android with Flutter as a hobby.

With rot|h|ech I’m fulfilling my dream of sharing my expert knowledge with the world.

Still here? Awesome! Here you can find my previous projects and my LinkedIn profile.